I am a temporary tatto artist

I was updating my  Disqus account and under Biography and I entered this:

Master, consensual property owner, and temporary tattoo artist

The temporary tattoo artist requires explanation. To explain that, I am essentially re-posting an explanation from my Fetlife writings.  That being said, this is exactly why I refer to myself as such.

It seems like only yesterday when Full Spectrum, a wonderful club in Connecticut was just the latest in a long string of clubs and events to get raided.  Just one more victim of a legal system that sees BDSM as deviance or sex or both. The legal hurdles of being a sadist and a BDSM practitioner are significant. NCSF or the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom tells us that in the land of the free and the home of the brave, to date, there is not a single appellate court decision anywhere in this country that has accepted consent as a defense in an assault or abuse prosecution arising from BDSM conduct. Though consent is exactly the element that makes it possible to for love and power to coexist, we have not sufficiently evolved as a society to appreciate this truth.   That is why, I have decided I will no longer be a sadist!

No my friends, this was the moment in time when I decided that henceforth, I will refer to myself as a temporary tattoo artist! It is my intention to produce exquisite artistic expressions in flesh using only leather straps, wooden paddles, and knives. As part of my artistic expression, I will create art in flesh, just as any tattoo artist does, however my form of creative expression unlike work done with needles or ink is temporary.

I invite you to appreciate my message, that screams to the beholder a deeper message in fleeting abstract expression. My form of creativity is meant to convey to the onlooker, and the arts proud owner, the transient and fragile nature of human existence, and the pain that experience can transcend. This is not BDSM, or abuse, no! This is a new form of tattoos, one that gives its owner the opportunity to endlessly explore new pieces of work, without having to resort to the expense of medical procedures to remove the art. This art form affords endless opportunities, like a beautiful sky to create an ever changing canvas of art work.

While others join groups like NCSF, and work to push forward the understanding that consent counts, I will forgo all of that in favor of my new favorite pastime.. creating living works of art!




2 thoughts on “I am a temporary tatto artist

  1. It would be my pleasure, if we ever find ourselves in the same dungeon and the Master you serve is still approving, it would be my pleasure to give you a lovely tattoo that might last a week or so, in the place of Master’s choosing. Not only are these pretty, but it would be my desire that when these tattoos are touched, that they would bring back wonderful memories of a very pleasurable scene in which you came back to the world, in the arms and aftercare of the Master you serve.


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