On a perfect morning, I awake to the smell of fresh brewed coffee beside me, and my slave performing oral service.  Noticing that am awake she mews: What is Masters pleasure this morning?  Perhaps I let her finish, or perhaps my immediate need is to have her snuggled under my arm.  At some point, content and filled with the warmth of affection, our  appreciation ritual begins.  Its a simple exchange, that has not lost meaning for all the countless times we repeat it.

She asks: May this slave serve the Master she loves and chooses?  I reply: Masters pleasure to take possession and give my gift of Domination.

Why do we do this? It started as a protocol.  A requirement to renew our commitment to our sacred roles each day.  A daily reminder that she has made her one choice, the Master she will serve, and leaves all other decision for that day in my hands.  A reminder that she serves at my pleasure, because I grant this.  It is a reminder that her service is not the gift, it is my Domination, my attention to her that is the gift and that she needs to be ever thankful for this.  If her happiness is not in service, then this would not be so.  I would be just another job that she begrudges, rising wearily to handle with unhappiness.  So we strive to remain true to our chosen identity, each striving to find happiness in the roles that give meaning to our lives.

What began as a protocol is now an endearment.  Sometimes she calls me WEM.. a Wicked Evil man.  It’s a term of affection.  Like WEM, our ritual renews our appreciation.  Sometime I need to know that she is there, in the moment, enjoying who and what she wants to be.  I need only say: Ask.. and we repeat the appreciation ritual.  She asks: May this slave serve the Master she loves and chooses?  I reply: Masters pleasure to take possession and give my gift of Domination.  A brief exchange, filled with emotion and meaning for us.

At a munch, I might demonstrate how we show appreciation, with the simple command: Ask!  Some might ask to explain what this is. I am happy to explain.  I think renewing your appreciation has value.

So this is the Xtac appreciation ritual.  It can be used in a play scene. After negotiating a scene, before it starts, you might have your bottom ask… May this slave serve Master for this scene?   It is a powerful thing, to cause a slave or submissive to ask for the gift of Domination.  It affirms the consent, while setting the tone of submission, the appreciation for the opportunity to serve.

Tonight I took my slave, and counted the words.. one for each finger on her hand..Masters-Pleasure-To-Take-Possession.  Then I took her other hand caressed the fingers of my property, counting the words Give-My-gift-Of-Domination.  One word for each finger.  I was feeling especially appreciative tonight.

Its the little things that make the biggest impact in our lives.  Its therefore important to never take for granted, the most basic pleasures of our dynamic and to show each other appreciation.  If we can do this, we can create I think, something wonderful that lasts.

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