There is one true way

I am taking my biggest, pointiest stick out and poking the bear. No PC here!

It’s about science

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause, and one true way. But much like Santa Clause is real in the hearts of men, and therefore real, the one true way is real because there is an objective science behind what some might call the one twue way.

What an owner needs to do is reprogram the mind of a slave. There is a science to this. The military makes men in to property, but then adds to that thinking that they must not let down their team. A man will die for this.

Cults like the moonies take intelligent people and turn them into children. It is freedom in slavery. You get to play and not have a care in the world, while others make all your decisions.

Internalized Enslavement is an attempt to work at this science. Neuro linguistic programming is pretty much a pseudoscience, but it is an attempt at outlining a scientific foundation to the control of the mind.

Silly names and feelings

When we make fun of this science with silly names like “The one twue way” we are dismissing the whole idea that reprogramming without so much as a single intelligent exchange. Let me say that again, so it sinks in. You are dismissing important information we should share, by applying a silly and childish name, which if you think about it, makes you the silly and childish one.

I hate the term “the one twue way” and yet because it is more important to be intelligent than appear correct, I agree that there is no one true way. Not because there are not many wonderful tools in the tool box, there are. Like taking away a slaves name, talking in 3rd person, enforcing protocols, and slave diaries. These are all great tools but they are not part of a one twue way. They are tools of a science we apply. We take them out, and see if they fit the individual we are working with. Giving silly names to a search for the science behind reprogramming is childish and destructive to the science. Some people aren’t intelligent enough and bold enough to stand up to a withering public attack and stand by the value of objectively experimenting, making discoveries, and sharing that knowledge to further us all. Don’t be that person. If you have techniques to share, do it!


Touch feeley PC

Is every person an individual? Well yes and no. I don’t care to hear one word about how each person is different and how we must not apply generalities. If you are thinking THAT, then reread this: We take them out (the tools of reprogramming), and see if they fit the individual we are working with.

If we as Masters, Mistresses, and owners are EVER going to advance what we do, we can not get caught up in the touchy, feeley, PC world of avoiding discussing the commonalities of motivations, and corrective mind reprogramming. Show some vagina for God’s sake.. or balls, and stand up what you have found that works.


Is the objective wrong?

The objective is to help our self identified slaves find peace, comfort, and happiness in the role they have consented to. When we do this, when we manage the mind of a slave instead of the body, we tamper with consent. Like Stockholm syndrome we create a situation where the consent may no longer be viable. The same could be said of falling madly in love. I cannot decide for you, your ethics or morals, but for me, I want this power exchange to get ever more intense, more consenting, and more pleasurable for both of us. I’m good with this objective.


Reaching your objective – the happy slave

To reach your objective, a happy consensual, slave, you MUST manage the mind not the body. The mind is capable of incredible things. It can create pain or take it away. It can crate health, or take it away. When you are in control of another person’s will, and you extend your control into their mind, you can change their likes and dislikes.

To do this, you must use the one twue way. What is the one twue way? Its a collection of techniques that we the Masters, Mistresses, and Owners have tried, objectively and scientifically. We observed our successes, and our failures, and we shared those principles. Collectively we are the one true way, the people in search of the tools that work generally, and specifically for the slave we are training now.

I must point out that switches are a category by themselves.  Additionally, reprogramming a mind may take place with or without consent.  Largely though, when we talk about reprogramming, we are talking about a CNC or TPE relation.



If we are going to talk objectively about techniques and tools that helped change a mindset, the most logical starting point is to identify those areas that exist and which we would like to eliminate, change, or replace.  This is a brief list:


  • Diminish entitlement
  • Feed the new identity
  • Improve obedience
  • Remove rights and responsibilities
  • Replacing individuality and identity

The nilla society at large, creates a sense of entitlement.  Years of exposure to this leaves us with an area that may need to be addressed.

The nilla identity, with all of its me, mine, ours, thinking is another area that might be something you want to change.  As the slave drifts closer and closer to becoming an extension of your will, a fear and a void often appear. You need to comfort the slave, and feed reassurance into the new identity.

Obedience is complicated.  We don’t want a robot. Robots don’t have brains.  A brain is a valuable asset to be leveraged.  Complete compliance to a careless order could lead to disastrous results, including property damage.  While we want techniques and tools that create instant unquestioned obedience, we also want there to be safe guards against mistakes and poor communication, and that leverage a valuable asset, the slave’s intelligence.

Rights and responsibilities.  These go hand in hand.  With the removal of rights, should come a freedom, a joy, in the loss of responsibilities.  Tools and techniques to achieve both objectives are useful and should be shared.

Replacing individuality.  As you remove the old identity, you must feed the new.  There are tools and techniques that assist in deconstructing the old identity.  But it is not just about removing the old identity, it is about replacing it with the new.  There is a duality to this process.  We want the slave to just be an object, a slave, a tool, an extension of the Master’s will.  But they also need to feel they belong, attached, special.  The right tools and techniques go a long way to doing both.


Be an activist, for what is true, what works

I believe in support groups for owners and slaves, and I believe that owners need to share their techniques.  I suspect the various military of the world have spent billions on studies and that we are merely amateurs.  The improvement of these techniques should be important.  We should work together to advance our knowledge, to share it, and to catalog that knowledge.


My Canvas

This is what I do with my slave, my canvas, the Master piece on which I create a happier, healthier, more secure person, who is also my perfect slave.  I don’t have to be an activist, but I think its better to share, than hoard the joy I’ve found.






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