Dinner, on her knees

I was thinking, do I want to skip writing tonight? What do I have to write about? What pleased me, in a BDSM way today. I thought of Dinner, served with her protocols, and I thought, this pleased me, I should talk about that.

I love imposing structure and protocols. I love when my slave dutifully follows her protocols. Tonight, as she served me, she dropped to her knees in high protocol fashion, the offering held just so. I often pause when served, admiring her and making her wait a bit longer before I accept the food or drink. Tonight was no exception. I made her wait, a broad grin breaking out on my face that was matched by hers. She knows when I am thinking sadistic thoughts now, and anticipates what form they may take.

I took the vitamins, and other things she presents to keep me healthy, one at a time. And then I took her face, pulled it close to mine and whispered how pleased I was, what a good girl she was. Her grin was replaced by the melting slave in love kind of thing she does when she is practically purring like a kitten, and I thought how really, really, good life is. I thought how radiant she was in her happy place. Now nothing happened. She was just serving supper. And yet somehow everything that means anything, happened in huge ways in that little teeny weeny moment.

She on her knees, not sucking cock or even worshiping it, just being the slave she is and I being the Master I am was fulfillment enough in some intangibly wonderful way. Its why I talk about uncommon currency because within our dynamic uncommon currency is very common, and it warms both of us.

In the moments that followed, she got her own meal, and waited for permission to start eating, another of her protocols. I really love all of the structure, the protocols, and how they constantly present opportunities for us to reaffirm who and what we are. I never seem to tire of these simple pleasures. It was just another simple evening made happy by the dynamic of two people, living the BDSM dream. I for one, am very pleased with my Good Girl.

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