I’ll tell you what a slave is

I read these two comments recently on Fetlife:

A blog is just one person’s point of view and may not be wise to follow. Blogs are equal to online public journals. Usually has very limited educational value, nor may be even possible to do.

Well.. I don’t take the random pontificating of internet blogs very seriously.

Awesome!  I agree.  In a blog I get to say what I think and not water down my feelings into pablum so that I can meet the approval of the masses.  Who ever said the masses are right?  Not me! Time to pontificate. I am feeling like poking the bear.  I have a slave. I have friends with slaves.  I think I have a fair idea what makes them slaves.  We have decades of warm feeling wrapped around this knowledge.  We all have some knowledge of legal slaves.  Like the war captured sex slaves of the middle east.  So here we go..

What is a legal slave:  A slave is property, as defined by the laws of the land the slave is held in, and like any other property it has no rights, that are not granted by those laws.  Its sole purpose is to work for its owner, and to please its owner. 

If legal, the property known as a slave may be damaged by the owner.

The obedience of the legal slave is determined by fear and intimidation and the knowledge that the laws of the land provide no recourse, no path to freedom.

What is a consensual slave: A consensual slave is a person who, for their personal needs and happiness,  makes the choice to exchange power with an owner, and then to the best of their ability demonstrates in their every action and decision, a single minded determination to be obedient to the degree that a legal slave would be, but do it as a natural consensual slave.

The first responsibility of the consensual slave is to “protect the property”, even if that means disobedience to the owner.

The obedience of a consensual slave is driven by their “natural slave personality”, and the attraction they feel towards the power and skill of the Master they choose.  The Master crafts this by managing the mind, not the body, of the slave.

  What is a natural slave?:  Over 2,000 years ago, the great Greek philosopher Aristotle, thought that slavery was a natural thing. He never provided a method of determining IF a person was a natural slave, but that did not stop him from arguing that if the world was just, legal slaves would be freed, and natural slaves would not. In essence, he was setting the stage for consensual slavery some 2,400 years ago. (Aristotle -384–322 BC). 

We may infer that all consensual slaves, are natural slaves, by their desires and needs.  Aristotle had a low opinion of natural slaves, seeing them more as cattle then people, but  we must remember that his legal system would have treated them as such.  I think that part of his thinking we can quickly dispense with.


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