I have wondered what it might be like to be less physically capable, and still be a Dominant.  I’ve wondered what kind of woman would bind herself to an elderly man that she would have to care for.  I am going to answer that question with two videos.


If you have not seen this before, you should.  It is incredibly inspirational.  It is called The Butterfly Circus.

I turn to this video from time to time for inspiration.  I shared it recently and afterwards stumbled on some new video.  This man gives me hope that I can always be the Dominant I need to be, with a slave that is fulfilled in her service, no matter what the future brings. Time will tell, but I think I have found that slave already.

The Egg

This video speaks to me of my higher purpose, what I have to give that is beyond my fail human form.  I dare to say, I am awake.. and it gives me a chance to better the lives of those I touch.. and especially those those I draw close to me.

I have long observed that the attraction in BDSM creates some odd looking couples.  You’ve  seen or heard of a couple where one or the other is described as “being out of their league”.  Sometimes an incredibly attractive man or woman is seen to be in love with someone quite plain, and you wonder if it can last.  I see this often in BDSM, and I completely understand why it happens.  MY attraction is not to a breast or an ass or a face but to a softly cooed “Sir” or “Master”.  I get hard fast when there is submission.  Much faster than mere nudity.

These things that form the basis of our attraction runs much deeper than looks and thankfully is never dulled by age or disability.  What makes a Dominant are the qualities of their character.  The honor, the honesty, the dependability, the patience, and the inflexible commitment to see through the sacred role they undertake.

Some slaves on a spiritual level, and are more awake.  Sometimes the Master is further ahead on their spiritual quest.  The spiritual side doesn’t matter.  That part always works out because you will serve each other.

You know a Dominant when you meet one, by the attraction you feel.  You feel their presence, the power and confidence they project, the soft easy charisma.  A Dominant will laugh at themselves, and at you in a way that disarms.  They have the ability lead and serve those they lead.  They demonstrate intelligence without being condescending or cocky.

In short, a Dominant is likable and disarming and yet intimidating, that strange attractive mix that makes you want to know more.  This is what it means to be Dominant.

Some argue that submission does not take strength. It does. Dominance does not require strength. It requires the gentle patience to apply irresistible force to the strength of that submission, until it bends comfortably, happily, to your will. ~Xtac Quote


My point is, BDSM truly is a home for the heart, like no other.  Here we are more than our bodies and our face.  I am a Dominant to my slave because of all the countless beautiful little interactions we exchange as Master and slave everyday.  Here we are who we are and are loved more deeply for who we are, than can be imagined.  No boundaries, no personal space, no cages for the heart, its a raw connection that just goes deeper and deeper.  I wonder.  How long a person can fall deeper every day, in love.  Guess we’ll find out a little more each day.

2 thoughts on “

  1. Sir,
    I think your link to second video is broken…

    As for Butterfly Circus, I found this video a long time ago when I was going through a hard time and he’s given me much inspiration. Nick Vujicic, the man who starred in Butterfly Circus.


  2. It was broken.. because the account associated with THE EGG had been terminated. LOL.. sounds ominous! I put up a new link. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.


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